Since 1985, the Taitung Agricultural Products (formerly the Taitung Meats Market) is the only legal electric pig slaughterhouse in Taitung. With decades of experience in electric slaughter, we have absolute confidence in pig processing.

Professionally, we are proud of our speed, proficiency and precision in electric slaughtering to ensure the quality of meat. We are committed to quickly completing daily electric slaughtering and timely delivery to supply major retailers, specialty meats stores and supermarkets in Taitung.

To control quality control, we have qualification licenses and comply with strict government regulations for institutionalized operation, and implement advanced production processes and strict quality inspection. We are committed to the goal of “Direct delivery of pure natural foods of Eastern Taiwan to every consumer” and to becoming the largest benchmark electric slaughterhouse in Taitung.

In response to the changes in public consumption habits and the evolution of meat storage technology, we also plan to launch a one-stop service for electric slaughtering, butchering, freezing and refrigeration, and distribution. With our decades of experience, we will safeguard every step of the supply chain to deliver the highest quality meat to consumers.