Our mission is to develop new channels for small local farms in Taitung. We actively promote and expand the marketing of agricultural products from Taitung County, and strive to develop Taitung's agricultural product brands.

We strive to improve our competitiveness and develop our private brands of characteristic Taitung agricultural products, and process high-quality local agricultural products to give them new value and extend the life of their economic value. We select Taitung's unique nutritional and health crops for development, and hope to popularize Taitung's agricultural products through promoting nutritional and health products.

We also plan to build a brand market so that in addition to domestic sales in Taiwan, we will also market our products to other countries such as the Mainland, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. By creating Taitung agricultural product brands, we strive toward the goal of jointly building, creating and sharing with small farms in Taitung and achieving sustainable development.