Privacy and information security notice

To safely browse the services provided on the Taitung County Agricultural Products Corporation website and understand our security measures and how we collect, use and secure personal user information, users should carefully read the following when using this website to ensure safety in the use of this website.

Scope of application

The following privacy protection policies and information security measures are only applicable to the collection, use and protection of personal information for user activity within the Taitung County Agricultural Products Corporation website, and not applicable to other websites linked to the Taitung County Agricultural Products Corporation website. Please be reminded that when using these other websites, users should read their privacy protection policies and security measures for personal data protection.

Information security measures

To protect personal information and website safety, the Company has adopted the following measures to ensure normal website operation

  • Installed a hardware firewall to prevent Internet invasion or attack
  • Installed an Internet monitoring system to monitor Internet traffic
  • Installed an anti-virus system to prevent virus invasion
  • Regular and unscheduled renewing of update routine codes for website operating systems or application programs
  • Regular and unscheduled back up of website data

Privacy protection measures

This website complies with the regulations of the Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law which protects the privacy rights of users and guarantees that their information shall not be accessed by the public. However, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, cases of investigation by judicial authorities, safeguarding of public interest, prior authorization by users and protection of the legitimate rights and interests of this website are not subject to this Law.

When users enter this website, the server will automatically generate relevant records including user IP address, time of use, browser and click data records. These information will only be used by this website for traffic analysis and online behavior survey.

Please be reminded again that the Company cannot guarantee 100{}ecurity in Internet data transmission. Although the Company actively adopts various personal data security measures to protect users, Internet data transmission involves strengths and weaknesses at the different levels of security design in the Internet environment. As such, our website cannot guarantee the security of data reception and transmission by users. Therefore users must understand and bear the risk of Internet data transmission.

Privacy and Information Security Policy Revision

Taitung County Agricultural Products Corporation actively strives to perfect its privacy protection and information security. The Company will revise relevant provisions at any time according to situation or facts. Any changes made to this Privacy Protection and Information Security Measures will be posted on this website. Users are reminded to carefully read the relevant content

Privacy and Information Security Policy Inquiry

For any questions about the Privacy and Information Security Policy of Taitung County Agricultural Products Corporation Official Website, please contact Taitung County Agricultural Products Corporation during business hours.