Taitung Agricultural Products is the only state share company in Taitung County, and we hope to become the "Ark of small local farms in Taitung". In addition to diligently managing Taitung's agricultural product brands, we will also focus on and integrate public and private resources by selecting nearly 100 small farms and agricultural product processing industries to jointly improve the value of agricultural products and open up markets for Taitung's agricultural products. In the spirit of safe consumption and environmental sustainability, we have built, created and shared with small farms, and to meet marketing need, founded the GoGo Taitung e-commerce platform.

GoGo Taitung is foundational. It embodies the spirit of cross-environmental sustainable

Government encouragement + resilience of old farmers + innovation of young farmers is the hallmark of our platform. We bring agriculture close to the hearts of consumers. Faced with the ever-changing preferences of the market and consumers, we have established trust, broken away from traditional concepts of production and marketing, and regard agricultural products as brands. From point to line to face, we have written a history based on small farms and laid a foundation for them.