Fun Flying Taitung-Donate to the Cloud
Announcements Department:Marketing Planning Department
March 20, 2020

📣Free 1,000 yuan shopping voucher➕ 免 99 yuan free shipping event

As the epidemic continues to heat up, many consumers are reducing their outings, thereby reducing the frequency of eating out, and driving the consumer "home economy" trend.
Coupled with the improvement of health awareness, Taitung's products are loved by consumers from other counties and cities. Therefore, this purchase is enough for Taitung to cooperate with the Taitung Taxation Bureau. I hope that this opportunity can help Taitung's industry to further deliver the products directly to consumers' homes .

Of course, if you buy enough Taitung, you will also be offering new ones during the event. Oh, 99 yuan free shipping discount; I hope everyone can eat delicious and healthy Taitung flavors without going out.

Taitung Taxation Bureau and Taitung County Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. Taitung County Taxation Bureau `` Fun Flying to Taitung Donation on the Cloud ''
When consumers donate 15 cloud invoices online and answer tax questions, they can get enough discount coupons for Taitung shrimp skin shopping malls, with discounts of 200, 500, and 1,000 yuan (229 sheets), and the hot air balloon "Tickets.

Information about the event can be found on the event's official website (, the official website of the Taitung County Taxation Bureau, and the Facebook fan group.

Event period: 3 / 20-6 / 10

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