Company Constitution

Chapter I. General Provisions

Article 1 The Company is established in accordance with the provisions of the Agricultural Products Market Trading Act and the Company Limited by Shares Chapter of the Company Act. The Company is named Taitung Agricultural Products Corporation.

Article 2 The Company markets the county's characteristic agricultural products to domestic and foreign markets. The Company also aims to strengthen meat hygiene by improving shipping, close the gap between meat production and consumer prices, enhance the interest of farmers and the industry, and reduce consumer burden.

Article 3 The Company engages in the following businesses

  • 01.C101010 Slaughter Industry
  • 02.C103050
  • 03.F101040 Livestock and poultry wholesale
  • 04.F101061 Agricultural products wholesale market
  • 05.F108040 Cosmetics wholesale
  • 06.F201010 Agricultural products retail
  • 07.F201020 Livestock products retail
  • 08.F208040 Cosmetics retail
  • 09.F401010 International trade
  • 10.F501060 Restaurant industry
  • 11.JE01010 Leasing business
  • 12.ZZ99999 In addition to licensed businesses, the Company is permitted to conduct businesses that are not prohibited or restricted by business laws.

Article 4 The Company headquarters is located in Taitung City, Taitung County. To meet business needs, the Company is permitted to establish domestic branch offices according to the law and upon approval by the Board of Directors.

Article 5 Company announcements shall be made in accordance with the provisions of Article 28 of the Company Act.

Chapter II. Shares

Article 6 The total capital of the Company is NT$28.72 million, fully issued as 2872 shares at NT$10,000 per share.

Article 7 The Company stocks are registered stocks, signed by three members of the Board of Directors, and issued after duly certified by the competent authority.

Chapter III. Shareholder Meeting

Article 8 The Company's shareholder meeting is divided into regular meetings and extraordinary meetings. The regular meeting is convened by the Board of Directors once a year within six months after the end of each fiscal year. Extraordinary meetings are convened as needed in accordance with the law.

Article 9 The Company's shareholder representatives shall be appointed by the capital contributor, Taitung County Government.

Article 10 Shareholder representatives unable to attend the shareholder meeting for any reason shall sign a proxy form issued by the Company to appoint agents to attend the meeting on their behalf.

Article 11 In addition to the provisions of the Company Act, shareholder meetings shall be represented by more than half of the shareholders for the total number of shares issued by the Company, and resolutions shall be passed by more than half of the shareholders present.

Chapter IV Directors and Supervisors

Article 12 The Company's Board comprises nine directors and one supervisor. All members are elected from among shareholders at shareholder meeting according to their capabilities. Their term of office is three years, and may continue with their term if re-appointed or re-elected. However, shareholders who are elected as directors or supervisor shall be reassigned at any time according to their civil servant position. The term of office for reassigned directors or supervisor will continue until the end of their original term.

Article 13 The Board of Directors meeting comprises the directors. The meeting shall be attended by more than two-thirds of the directors and three managing directors elected from the Board by more than half majority votes. The Chair of Board shall then be elected from among the managing directors, and shall be the outside representative of the Company.

Article 14 The Board of Directors shall convene once every three months, and the Chair of Board shall convene extraordinary meetings if necessary. In addition to the provisions of the Company Act, board meetings shall be attended by more than half the directors, and resolutions must be passed by the majority half of the directors present. In the event that the Chair of Board is unable to preside over the meeting or exercise his or her authority, he or she shall appoint a representative or the board shall elect one director to preside over the meeting.

Article 15 The Supervisor shall separately exercise the power of supervision in accordance with the law, and may attend the board meeting but may not vote.

Chapter V. Managers and Employees

Article 16 The Company has one General Manager position for the general management of the Company's businesses. Appointment and dismissal of the General Manager shall be based on the approval of the majority half of all the directors.

Article 17 The General Manager shall be responsible for the hiring and dismissal of other Company employees, and shall submit such report to the Board of Directors.

Chapter VI. Accounting

Article 18 At the end of each fiscal year, the Board of Directors shall compile the following reports: (1) business report, (2) balance sheet, (3) general inventory, (4) profit and loss statement, and (5) disposition of net income or loss make-up proposals for the Company. The reports shall be submitted to the annual shareholder meeting in accordance with the law for acknowledgement, then submitted to the Taitung County Council for review.

Article 19 Company surplus shall be used to make up for losses in the previous year and 10{}hall be used as legal reserve. Remaining surplus shall be used toward improving equipment, production, sales and business operations, and shall not be used for other purposes.

Chapter VII. Supplementary Provisions

Article 20 All the land, buildings and facilities used by the Company for the meats market are owned by the Taitung County Government.

Article 21 The Company's organizational and responsibility delegation charts shall be separately detailed .

Article 22 Matters not addressed in this Constitution shall be handled in accordance with the Company Act, the Agricultural Products Market Trading Act and other laws and regulations.

Article 23: This Constitution was instituted on February 4, 1985.
First revision was made on May 10, 2003.
Second revision on May 25, 2009
Third revision on December 7, 2015
Fourth revision on September 12, 2016.
Fifth revision on November 16, 2017.

Organizational Self-Government Ordinance

Article 1 This Self-Government Ordinance is formulated in accordance with Article 12 of the Taitung County Government's Organizational Self-Government Ordinance

Article 2 The Company is a county-owned public enterprise with one General Manager position to execute the overall duties assigned by the Chair of Board and direct and oversee all employees. The Company also has a Deputy General Manager position to assists the General Manager with managing Company's business.

Article 3: The Company has the following units for handling related business needs:

  • Business Development Department - Responsible for livestock (poultry) source management and allocation, shipping consolidation, auction and trade, accounting, delivery and supplier consignment management and services, characteristic agricultural product research and development planning, and warehousing management.
  • Electric Slaughtering Department - Responsible for electric slaughtering, butchering, processing quality control, shipping and distribution of livestock (poultry), and machine maintenance.
  • Asset and Human Resource Department - Responsible for paperwork, general affairs, cashiers, Company seals, security, safety, contamination prevention and hygiene, merits and penalties, evaluations, pension, welfare, attendance, promotion, hiring and dismissal.
  • Financial Administration Department - Responsible for budget, accounts, balances, statistics, audit, financial analysis and planning.
  • Marketing and Planning Department - Responsible for agricultural product procurement, quality control, supply source analysis, development of marketing channels and Internet marketing.

Article 4 Managers, salesperson, technicians, veterinarians, clerk, assistants, employees, associate technicians, and associate clerks of the various departments in the Company shall execute respective departmental responsibilities assigned by the General Manager, Deputy General Manager and department heads.

Article 5 When the General Manager is on leave, his duties shall be assumed, in the following order, by the Deputy General Manager and managers of the Business Development Department, Assets and Human Resource Department, Financial Administration Department, Marketing and Planning Department, and Electric Slaughtering Department.

Article 6 The Company's Business Committee shall comprise the Deputy General Manager, the head of each department and individuals appointed by the General Manager.

Article 7 In addition to business reports and improvement reviews, the scope of discussion for the Business Committee also includes the following:

  • Implementation of resolutions by the shareholder meetings and Board meetings.
  • Business development plans and implementation.
  • Employee evaluation.
  • Interim assignments from the General Manager.
  • Contingency management.

Article 8 The Company's staffing shall be separately listed

Article 9 The Company's responsibility delegation chart shall be separately listed.

Article 10 This Self-Government Ordinance shall be effective on the date of issue.